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Get Direct, And Get Paid Faster

Direct Deposit Is Fast, Secure And Convenient!

The Added Benefits of Direct Deposit with Justice Federal

We all know that Direct Deposit is the easiest way to gain access to our payroll or annuity. But, did you know there are added benefits with having your Direct Deposit with Justice Federal?

Special Assistance When You Need It Most
Members in good standing with Direct Deposit may be eligible for Special Assistance in the event of a Federal Government Shutdown, Furlough or Sequestration. Take a moment to set-up your Direct Deposit today.

Faster Access to Your Pay
If you are a DOJ or FBI employee, your funds may be available to you sooner, subject to availability. It’s payday your way!

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Set up Direct Deposit in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Download one of the Direct Deposit Request forms below, or request one from your HR/payroll department.

Federal Government Employees

If your paycheck comes from the Federal Government (DOJ, DHS, etc.), complete the Standard Form 1199A, or request one from your HR/payroll department.

Non-Federal Government Employees

If your paychecks do not come from the Federal Government, complete the Justice Federal Direct Deposit Request Form, or request one from your HR/payroll department.

2. Fill out your Direct Deposit form with your Justice Federal account information.

ABA/Routing Number: 254074413

You can find your full MICR Account Number on your Justice Federal check, or in your Digital Banking trending_flat Account trending_flat Details & Settings trending_flat ACH/MICR Number.

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3. Provide your signed Direct Deposit Request Form to your HR/Payroll department.

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