Whether your new to the savings game, or an established saver, Justice Federal has the account you are looking for.

Share Savings Account

Justice Federal offers a tiered, variable annual percentage yield (APY) savings account that provides greater dividends as your savings increase. A minimum of $5 is required to open a Share Savings account. Minimum share balances to earn dividends may apply. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly.

Statements are mailed quarterly. Payroll deduction can be established to automatically deposit funds to your savings account each pay period. In addition, your accounts are easily accessible through the Phone Banking and Digital Banking.


Savers Club

The perfect way to save for a vacation, a special purchase, or the holidays. The Savers Club is a term share account that lets you choose your own maturity date and the account into which the savings will be transferred to upon maturity.

Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly, and earned on an average daily balance of $5 or more. Statements are mailed quarterly. Penalties apply for early withdrawals prior to the maturity date.


Money Market Account

If you are looking for a great way to achieve higher returns while still retaining some flexibility, consider a Money Market account for the short or long term; use your money market account to transfer funds between certificate maturities and reinvestment options.

A Justice Federal Money Market Account has the following features:

  • Competitive, tiered rates
  • Dividends earned from the day of deposit
  • Low $2,500 minimum balance to earn dividends
  • Earnings posted and statements generated monthly
  • Convenient access to your funds through Digital Banking
    and Phone Banking, and up to six withdrawals per month.


Young Savers

Justice Federal designed the Young Savers Account especially for children to start saving money early and to learn money management skills. This account earns dividends on a minimum balance of $5. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly. Statements are mailed quarterly to the account holder. Once the account holder reaches the age of 18, the funds are automatically transferred to a regular savings account.


Share Certificates and Individual Retirement Accounts

A Share Certificate allows your money to grow with higher, market competitive rates.

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows you to invest wisely and securely for your future retirement.


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